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About Us

Eden's Reflection was birth from a passion to do more for the people we take care of. The facility was founded by a family of healthcare providers who have been called to a higher promise of making a difference in the care that is provided. With others willing to pursue the change, we have formed a team of care providers.  By compiling a plateau of experience through working many years in hospitals, home health and assisted living, we believe that we have the vision to make a difference. The word "Eden" according to the Oxford dictionary, refers to a "place of happiness and bliss, a delightful region or abode; paradise".  We chose this word to represent us because we believe in living in comfort, and that is what we are hoping to emulate.  "Reflection", well, because our spiritual ambition encourages us to restore the idea of well being and happiness in all that we do.  Our pursuit to provide safe standards of practice are guaranteed by Texas Department of Aging and Disability Service's licensing requirement.  Our continued effort to provide up-to-date, evidence based care will be managed through regular reviews to comply with the regulations of DADS.

Our Vision

To provide a home - 

like environment to our residents while preserving and making great memories with family centered care.

Our Promise

To remain on the pursuit of excellence. Living

up to our aspiration as a unique place that

surpasses expectations

Our Policy

Eden's Reflection Residential Facility, LLC does not discriminate in its provision of services or employment on the basis of age, race, color, mental status, national origin, religion, physical or mental deficits or any other legally protected category.

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